Professional and synchronised voiceovers

The explosion in audiovisual internet content we have seen in recent years has meant that our clients increasingly need to distribute videos in many different languages. Omnia provides consolidated language expertise along with voiceover and overdubbing services based on the latest technology.
After all, the effectiveness of multimedia content depends on the spoken word as well as visual content.
Omnia offers clients a choice of professional, mother-tongue speakers, all with extensive experience and the flexibility to undertake jobs ranging from documentary style voiceovers to off-camera narration and lip synchronisation.
We work closely with leading international recording studios to ensure perfect voice synchronisation and the very best quality production.

We provide voiceover and overdubbing services for:

  • Marketing and promotional material
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Commercial presentations
  • E-learning and training material
  • Radio and TV adverts


Our subtitling service is a great solution for entertainment and training material, advertisements for persons with hearing problems and rapid foreign language learning.
Subtitling a video in another language shortens delivery times and also offers the benefit of maintaining the original voices.

Unlike free translation, subtitling has to bear various technical constraints in mind. Production is completed is three phases: transcription, spotting (identifying the right moments for the subtitle to appear and disappear) and, of course, translation. Omnia uses the services of expert subtitling translators and can handle projects in all file formats.


If you are interested in this service, have any questions or doubt about it or would like to request a quote, please contact us or visit us at our offices.