Translators' associations

Unilingue / EUATC

Unilingue is the largest association of language service providers in Europe. Formed under the aegis of Confindustria Servizi Innovativi e Tecnologici (the Italian Federation of Innovative and Technological Services) by the merger of two large associations, Federcentri and Imprelingue, Unilingue is currently the largest member of EUATC (the Union of European Translation Company Associations) and plays a key role in translating and interpreting in Europe. Unilingue promotes and protects the interests of its members in relation to companies and institutions in the worlds of translation and interpreting, two key activities for global communication and essential vehicles for cultural and commercial enrichment and evolution, with a decisive role to play in the development of all nations. In a globalised world where economic exchanges and international relations are an everyday and crucial reality for national and international development, language service providers are the most important link in the chain of manufacturing, government and trade. In this context of professionalism, confidentiality, expertise and culture, the members of Unilingue are pleased to welcome you all.

ATA - American Translators Association

ATA was established to advance the translation and interpreting professions and foster the professional development of individual translators and interpreters. Its 11,000 members in over 90 countries include translators, interpreters, teachers, project managers, web and software developers, language company owners, hospitals, universities and government agencies.

Software developers


Across Systems, global leader in independent language technology, produces Across Language Server, a centralised software platform for all corporate language resources. The system simplifies, accelerates and improves the coordination, management and implementation of translations. Using Across drastically reduces language management costs. Always eager to offer flexible and innovative solutions, Omnia has invested in Across Language Server to support the needs of clients and to share technological excellence with them.


Our clients benefit from the unrivalled know-how we have built up over the years, working with the latest desktop and server versions of Trados Studio, WorldServer, GroupShare and MultiTerm. SDL has been helping companies to communicate confidently and to maximise profit for over 25 years. Thanks to unique human skills and vast experience in automated learning technology, SDL products enable users to offer effective experiences and engage customers in all ways. Today, SDL allows companies to create, translate and distribute relevant, personalised content that helps customers grow and establishes strong emotive links by ensuring comprehension. Leading global brands use SDL's experience in digital content management and language services to support the creation and distribution of content. SDL is a worldwide leader in global content management thanks to software and services that create and manage multilingual content. Omnia has been an LSP (Language Service Provider) Partner of SDL since 2009 and benefits from the latest generation of constantly updated technology.


Memsource is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence based translation technology and is committed to making localisation easier, faster and more economical. Memsource solutions make the information that people want and need more readily available than ever before. Memsource's development team is made up of specialists from over 15 counties speaking over 20 languages. The team operates from 3 offices around the world and is dedicated to helping clients achieve their internationalisation objectives.


Quark is a supplier of publishing software and solutions. The company develops QuarkXPress, the most popular desktop publishing software in the field of publishing and advertising. Omnia has been a Quark system integrator partner since 2008, for dynamic publishing solutions and for the multi-channel publishing of flexible layout communications in XML format. Omnia is also a retailer of Quark products.

Sap Business One

Sap Business One attracts new customers, maximises efficiency and boosts profit. This enterprise software for SMEs helps improve all aspects of management, from sales to customer relations, accounting and operations. SAP Business One integrates company processes end-to-end and stimulates growth with a complete, market-leading set of ERP functions designed and priced especially for SMEs. Omnia was one of the first Italian companies to believe in Sap Business One, and has worked with Sap developers since 2004 to create CenTrad, a specially designed business management system for translation companies, native to and integrated with Sap Business One. This add-on manages the entire cycle of translation activities within the ERP, eliminating the need to use different databases for production and accounting. This not only streamlines key processes but provides a clearer overview of activities, allowing management to take information-based decisions in real time and contributing to continuous growth.